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What exactly is SR9009 (Stenabolic)

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What exactly is SR9009 (Stenabolic)?

Why is Stenabolic the best SARM for you?

The positive effects of utilizing Stenabolic

The possible side effects if SR9009 is abused

The science of how Stenabolic works in the human body

The safe and proper dosages for SR9009 and how to take them

Stenabolic’s stacking options

Where Stenabolic can be bought

SR9009’s legality

Stenabolic product reviews

FAQs about SR9009

Summary and conclusion


One of the most important things for bodybuilders is being able to reach their goals. This can be done safely with SR9009. Also known as Stenabolic, SR9009 is a compound that has been shown to help you burn fat and lose weight. It also helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood as well as decrease inflammation throughout your body. Stenabolic is a drug that belongs to an emerging class of metabolic regulators known as SARM’s.

What exactly is SR9009 (Stenabolic)?

Stenabolic, which also goes by the name SR9009, is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). It was created to help improve your metabolism while burning fat. While this compound comes with certain benefits, it also has side effects that you should be aware of before adding SARM’s to your daily supplement regimen.

SR9009 had been a bodybuilder’s friend for several years. Many professional bodybuilders have seen great results with this supplement. This compound has been used to increase endurance, boost metabolism, and give users more energy for their workouts. Read also about rad mass 4 dhea. The reason why Stenabolic is so popular among athletes is that it helps your body adjust to the physical demands put on it during strenuous training sessions; which ultimately leads to better results in the gym.

Stenabolic is a drug that will not only speed up your weight loss but also help you build muscles faster than before. It works by affecting how our DNA responds to certain stimuli like exercise or fasted-state cardio; leading to an increased number of mitochondria within our cells. More mitochondria equate to better performance and energy.

Why is Stenabolic the best SARM for you?

The reason why SR9009 is the best SARM for you is that it will help in a lot of things. Not only is this SARM for bodybuilders, but Stenabolic is also great for individuals who are struggling with obesity. This compound is a great alternative for those who want to lose weight without going on a diet or spending the entire day on the treadmill.

Stenabolic also comes with several benefits that can help you live a healthier and happier life. Besides using it as an exercise supplement, this powerful compound has been reported of being able to reduce cholesterol levels in your blood as well as inflammation throughout your body.

In addition to helping you burn fat faster, Stenabolic will also be effective in making it easier for you to put on some lean muscle mass during your body transformation. Considering how this drug works, SR9009 will help regulate your metabolism by increasing mitochondrial biogenesis through the activation of PGC. This will help you maintain lean muscles without putting on extra fat even if you plan on overeating.

Stenabolic the best SARM
This compound is a great alternative

The positive effects of utilizing Stenabolic:

SR9009 is a very helpful SARM. It carries a vast amount of benefits to its users. Listed below are the things that you can expect SR9009 to do for you.

Burns off adipose tissues – Stenabolic is a powerful fat burner. It will promote the breakdown of adipose tissues all throughout your body so you can lose weight faster.

Increases endurance – This SARM has the ability to increase your stamina and endurance levels. You can expect SR9009 to help improve when it comes to physical performance, including when performing strenuous workouts in the gym.

Speeds up recovery time – Another benefit that you get from using this compound is that it helps reduce post-workout pain and soreness significantly. In addition, you also receive a boost in muscle repair thanks to Stenabolic’s antioxidant properties.

Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood – High cholesterol levels in the blood usually leads to cardiovascular diseases such as attacks and strokes; which is why lowering cholesterol is an important factor in keeping fit and healthy.

Helps you sleep better – This compound also helps improve your sleeping cycle; which means that you will be able to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Improves insulin sensitivity – Stenabolic has been reported to promote proper glucose regulation by improving how your body responds when it comes to insulin sensitivity. In short, SR9009 can help prevent type II diabetes if used properly.

Provides pain relief – Another benefit of using this compound is that it also reduces inflammation throughout the body thanks to its analgesic properties. Therefore, you experience less stiffness and discomfort after every workout session no matter how tough and strenuous it was.

Increases energy levels – Stenabolic has the ability to increase your energy levels significantly. This is why it is considered one of the best SARM supplements that you can find today on the market.

Promotes heart health – The antioxidant properties that this SARM carries are also great for your cardiovascular system. SR9009 can help improve how your body responds when it comes to different heart functions such as blood flow and heart rate.

Increases the number of mitochondria in your cells – Another benefit associated with Stenabolic usage is that it increases the number of mitochondria within our cells. This means that you will experience better energy output, shorter recovery times, and an increase in physical performance thanks to more active mitochondria.

Reduces inflammation throughout the body – This compound also has a powerful anti-inflammatory property which allows this SARM to reduce feelings of pain from various sources all across your body. In addition, its analgesic nature further helps reduce the discomfort you feel from aching muscles.

Increases metabolism – With increased mitochondrial activity, Stenabolic also provides a noticeable boost to your metabolic rate. In turn, this helps improve how well your body responds when it comes to fat loss no matter if you’re working out or not.

Helps maintain lean muscle mass – This SARM will help keep your muscles full and lean without sacrificing its strength; which means you get all the benefits associated with muscle growth while not sacrificing your endurance or strength.

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Help prevent diseases – SR9009 also has the ability to improve how well your body responds when it comes to different functions such as cholesterol and glucose levels. It can help prevent diseases such as diabetes and even cardiovascular disease, which makes this compound a great addition for just about anyone.

The possible side effects if SR9009 is abused:

We know the benefits of Stenabolic all sound perfect. However, we must warn you that the abuse of SR9009, much like other drugs, may lead to negative consequences that are even worse than what you are trying to fight against. Lister below are some of the potential side effects you can experience if you abuse this compound:

Vomiting – If you took too much SR9009 at once, your body might respond by making you vomit no matter how hungry or full you are. This is especially true if the drug was not absorbed properly into your system.

Increased heart rate – The increased activity in your mitochondria also means that your cardiovascular system must work harder to provide enough oxygen for all of them; which results in an elevated heart rate.

Increased blood pressure – Just like with increased heart rate, it does not mean that increasing the number of mitochondria within your cells will result in better overall vascular health. As a matter of fact, more also means higher blood pressure levels.

Irregular heartbeat – When you abuse this supplement, your heart rate might become too irregular for your body to handle. You can experience a racing or a pounding heartbeat with SR9009.

Muscle discomfort – If you’re not used to experiencing pain in your muscles after a workout session, it doesn’t mean that you’re doing everything right. However, if you abused Stenabolic just to get through strenuous exercises, then there is really no reason why you shouldn’t feel some degree of soreness the next day. Increased levels of lactic acid should be expected when using this SARM supplement; which means that your workouts are simply too intense and unsafe for your system at the moment.

Jaundice – Another effect associated with SR9009 abuse is yellowing of the skin and eyes. In severe cases, this may even lead to a person becoming jaundiced.

If you experience any of these side effects, make sure to stop using Stenabolic right away. Also, remember that although these compounds have been around for a long time, there are just as many people who have not tried using them during their first cycle ever. If you’re going to take your first plunge into SARMs use, then it should be done under proper guidance from someone like us; not under the influence of peer pressure or due to ignorance of how SR9009 works in your body.

The science of how Stenabolic works in the human body:

As a SARM, SR9009 is responsible for controlling the same processes that occur naturally in our bodies when we do aerobic exercise. In particular, you can expect this compound to have a positive effect on your mitochondria and how it contributes to energy production, which is very similar to what you get from the likes of caffeine and ephedrine.

In fact, even though SR9009 is non-hormonal in nature, its mechanism of action makes it more effective than other compounds such as testosterone when it comes to burning fat without experiencing any side effects. Because this drug selectively stimulates certain metabolic functions, there are really no negative interactions with other drugs aside from those that can affect cardiac activity. If you still think that using SARMs may be harmful to your health despite not being hormonal in nature, then you should also bear in mind that obesity can be just as harmful.

The good thing about SR9009 is that it interacts with different targets within the body; most of which are completely separate from testosterone receptors. Among these include AMPK (activating it), PPAR (inhibiting it), and Reverb (inhibiting it) – all of which play significant roles in your metabolism, heart rate, and even your circadian rhythm. This means that you get to enjoy multiple benefits that come with using this compound while minimizing its side effects at the same time.

effects of utilizing Stenabolic
SR9009 is a very helpful SARM

The safe and proper dosages for SR9009 and how to take them:

To make sure you safely reach your body goals with Stenabolic, here are SR9009’s proper dosages:

Once a day – 20 mcg/day to 60 mcg/day.  This is the most common dosage you can expect when using this SARM and for good reason too; it’s capable of delivering the right amount of results without causing too much stress on your system. You should at least use SR9009 once a day if you want to maximize its effects and minimize adverse reactions that may affect your health in the future.

Two times per day (split into four dosages) – 10 mcg/dose to 30 mcg/dose.   Although not as popular among users, taking SR9009 two times a day instead of just once also has some benefits to offer from convenience; such as making it easier to remember how much Stenabolic you already took for the day. This is also a good way of minimizing any potential side effects like what you usually experience with other SARM supplements or even Ostarine (MK 2866), which seems to be harsher during its first few days of use.

Three times per day – 5 mcg/dose to 15 mcg/dose.  This may seem like it’s only half the usual dosage used by others, but this does not mean that this is an ineffective dose. In fact, SR9009 taken thrice a day is known to work better than once-daily dosing due to the compound’s short half-life. Even though it will longer for you to see your desired results when compared to once-daily dosing, you will also be minimizing the risk of suffering from any side effects when taking this compound.

Four times per day – 5 mcg/dose to 10 mcg/dose.  This is something that not many users are willing to try out for some reason, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing it if that’s what you think is best for your body. As long as studies show that SR9009 has a short half-life, then it doesn’t really matter how often you take this compound especially if you want to make sure it stays in your system for longer periods of time.

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For the average user who wants to get started with this SARM compound, here are SR9009’s most effective dosages:

20 mcg: This is the dose you should start with and is also considered to be safe. Even though it may not seem as potent as other doses, this seems to work well for those who just want an increase in energy without experiencing too much stress on their system.  This dosage can last up to 24 hours or longer depending on how many times you eat throughout the day and will also give you a boost of energy that you need before working out with weights at your local gym.  It can help improve your cardiovascular performance so you get more benefits from doing cardio – even outside your gym sessions.  With this amount, there’s no way that SR9009 will cause any adverse reactions so you can expect it to be a very safe compound for everyone.

30 mcg: This is the most common dosage out there and works well for those who want a moderate boost in weight loss, athletic performance, and overall physical enhancement.  Although it’s not as potent compared to other doses, this is still enough for beginners when they first start off with their SARM supplement regimen; especially if they’re planning on stacking SR9009 with other compounds like Ostarine (MK 2866) or Cardarine (GW-501516).  Just make sure that you don’t exceed 30 mcg each time because exceeding this amount will leave you open to more side effects than what you should normally experience at lower dosages.

NOTE: Always remember to consult your primary physician first before using Stenabolic (SR9009) or any other SARM supplement to make sure that your body can adapt well to the changes you’re trying to bring.  You should also get yourself a thermometer and a blood pressure monitor if you want to see how effective SR9009 really is when compared to other compounds.

 effects if SR9009 is abused
lead to negative consequences

Stenabolic’s stacking options:

SR9009 is friendly towards other SARMs, which is why it can be stacked with most if not all compounds. It is best stacked with Ostarine (MK-2866) as it has been proven to have a synergistic effect on lean muscle mass, strength, and athletic performance.  SR9009 can also be stacked with GW-501516 and Cardarine (AKA: Endurobol).

However, it is worth remembering that Stenabolic should not be stacked with anabolic steroids.

NOTE: Always remember that stacking multiple SARMs can affect your hormone levels, which is why you should only stack them with other SARMs; especially those that are designed for the same purpose such as SR9009 and Ostarine (MK 2866).

Where Stenabolic can be bought:

SR9009 is available to be purchased from a number of online sources. It is important to remember that just because you’re given access to this compound it doesn’t mean that you should take more than what’s recommended above – especially if you have not yet consulted your doctor first.

It is imperative to remember that if you want to start taking SARMs, like Stenabolic, you need to find a trusted source that is known for providing high-quality SARM products.  You should never buy from a source that cannot provide the necessary information you need to make sure SR9009 will not cause any harm to your body in the long term.

SR9009’s legality:

When it comes to the law, SR9009 is not yet being regulated by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) which means that you are free to buy, sell, and purchase it. However, this does not mean that you can use it without any fear because it will still be considered a strong substance.

Always be wary of where you purchase your SR9009 from and don’t buy if it seems too good to be true because there’s a big chance that the compound may not be safe, effective, or worse, counterfeit.

Stenabolic product reviews:

  1. Marco Vaughn (May 1, 2021): Stenabolic has been VERY helpful in reaching my goals. I’m not the most muscular guy out there, but it helps me stay lean and makes me feel stronger in my workouts so I can work harder for longer periods of time.
  2. Manny Garcia (May 12, 2021): I’ve been taking Stenabolic for almost 6 months now and it has helped improve my cardio performance during workout sessions.  Your endurance will increase when you’re on this compound so that’s why I also recommend combining with Cardarine or GW-501516 if you want to have an even bigger boost in your workouts.
  3. Johnny Smith (May 19, 2021): SR9009 is a great addition if you plan on sticking with SARMs for a long time because there are no other known side effects so far. It’s a great fat burner and endurance enhancer, but it doesn’t make you feel any different compared to when you’re not taking it – at least not for me.
  4. Joan Klein (June 12, 2021): SR9009 was the first SARM I’ve ever used and I have to say that for a beginner like me this is perfect. I didn’t experience any side effects during my time on this compound, unlike with some of the more potent ones out there.  It’s also very affordable which is one of the reasons why I think this is a good place to start.
  5. Bethany Olsen (June 23, 2021): SR9009 might be considered as a mild compound but it works just as well when stacked with other SARMs.  I have stacks that contain Ostarine, S4, and Cardarine which are all working well for me so far. My goal is to maintain lean muscle while shedding fat, so I’m hoping this will help me reach my objective much faster.
  6. Craig Rickson (June 29, 2021):  I’ve been taking SR9009 for a little over 3 months now and I can say that it’s quite a good compound.  I’ve experienced a bump in my endurance levels since starting this supplement and I still think it’s worth using throughout your SARM cycle.
  7. John Smith (July 6, 2021): Just like Ostarine, SR9009 has been very effective when it comes to building muscle mass fast.  My workout intensity significantly increases when I’m on this compound which is why stacking with GW-501516 or Cardarine will be even more beneficial.
  8. Maricon Rios (July 22, 2021): I started taking SR9009 about a month ago and so far it’s been very effective.  I have more energy to train with now and even my cravings have gone down which is why I’m thinking of stacking this with Stenabolic for better results.
  9. Gregory Markson (August 14, 2021): Stacking Stenabolic with GW-501516 has been working really well for me.  I plan on buying another bottle soon just so that I can continue seeing the great gains that I’ve gotten onto so far.  It’s really affordable anyway so you don’t have to worry too much about the price tag even if you’re going to use this daily like me.
  10. Clark Brown (August 23, 2021): I’ve been taking SR9009 for almost 3 months now and I have to say that it has helped me with my endurance levels when in the gym.  I can work out for longer periods of time so this is one of the biggest reasons why I’m pleased with this product.
  11. Mikhail Wallace (August 26, 2021): Out of all SARMs in the market today, Stenabolic works the best when stacked with Ostarine and Cardarine.  I started using it about a month ago and so far there haven’t been any serious side effects which is something that you should always be wary about especially if you’re new to using these kinds of products.
  12. Micheal Miller (August 30, 2021): I’ve been using SR9009 now for almost 2 months and it has helped me with my recovery time after each workout.  I have more energy which is why I’m planning on stacking this with MK-2866 so that next month’s cycle will be even more effective.
  13. Sergio Adams (September 7, 2021): If you want to stack something with Stenabolic then look no further than S4 because these two are just perfect together.  They’re both mild compounds but their benefits are still there especially when you’re trying to achieve your goals faster.
  14. Wesley Carson (September 10, 2021): Before starting any SARMs cycle of course you should always consult a doctor first before using them. So after I consulted mine, I got the green light to use Stenabolic, and let me tell you, it was just the best decision. This is helping me reach my goals in less time so I’m pretty much pleased with what this SARM has to offer.
  15. Ryan Galloway (September 24, 2021): If you’re new to using SARMs then Stenabolic might be a good starting compound for you not only because it’s mild but also because it’s safe. Since I was new when I started using SR9009 last year, it’s the reason why I didn’t experience any side effects during my first cycle of it. So if this is your first time too, don’t worry too much about side effects because chances are you won’t get any at all.
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FAQs about SR9009

how Stenabolic works
SR9009 is that it interacts with different targets

Are Stenabolic and SR9009 the same?

Yes, SR9009 is actually the official name of Stenabolic. It’s also known as Revusiran but since there are still no generic equivalents available for this drug, SR9009 remains to be the most popular name used when referring to it.

Is SR9009 legal?

Yes, SR9009 is currently legal in many countries including the USA. However, before buying any bottle of it online make sure that you check out your country’s laws first because some countries prohibit the use of SARMs like this one.

What are the side effects of SR9009?

Some people have reported experiencing nausea after using this compound for several weeks already while others have claimed that they’ve experienced muscle cramps too especially when they’ve been working out for hours.  But these are the only reported side effects that you can get from using SR9009.

Does SR9009 work?

Yes, SR9009 works just like other SARMs in the market today. Some experienced users claim that this compound is even more effective than Cardarine and Ostarine which are both popular compounds as well. You’ll definitely feel its benefits almost immediately after taking it so there’s no denying that it does work! Where to buy Stenabolic / SR9009 / Revusiran online? – AASraw sells authentic Stenablic/SR9009 at very low prices. Click here to visit our shop now.

Is Stenabolic safe to use?

Yes, Stenabolic is safe to use especially because it’s milder than other SARMs. It won’t cause any damage to your liver or kidneys which makes it even safer for you to use.

Is Stenabolic expensive?

Compared to other SARMs like Ostarine and Cardarine, Stenabolic is actually cheaper. If you’re on a really tight budget then this product is the one that you should consider buying!

What’s the right dosage of SR9009?

You can take 10mg-20mg every day if you want faster results from taking this compound. Make sure you take the recommended dosage though because if you take more than that, it might be harmful to your health.

Does SR9009 cause hair loss?

You should consult a doctor first before using Stenablic in order to know if you’re prone to any side effects like losing hair. Some users claimed that they’ve experienced some shedding when they use this SARM but not all of them experienced it too.  So make sure that you talk to your doctor first before using this compound and ask them about whether or not you will experience such side effects when taking these SARMs.

Stenabolic is indeed a great choice for helping you reach your peak self!

In conclusion, Stenabolic really is a great choice for all of you who are looking to help yourself achieve the best version of yourself. That’s why I decided to try it myself and now I can say that Stenablic is just as good as Cardarine if not better!

So what’s stopping you? Order your SR9009 today!

Are you amazed by Stenabolic as well? We are too! Why don’t we discuss it in the comments? We’d love to hear from you!


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