How Fat Burners Work To Help You Lose Weight

Fat Burner

Fat burners are drugs that can assist with weight loss for those who want to shed excess pounds or who struggle with losing weight easily.  Most fat burners are not steroids but are commonly known as stimulants which act as thermogenic agents to raise body temperature.  This rise in temperature allows the individual to sweat excessively while doing cardio and/or weight training and is responsible for a boost in both metabolism and the amount of calories burned.

How Fat Burners can Help Bodybuilders

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to buy fat burners to achieve the desired result but these stimulants will not act alone.  In order to get the most out of any stimulant purchased from our online store, proper diet and exercise must be a part of the daily routine.  Not everyone knows what and how to choose fat burners and how to take them effectively.  Not only do we offer fat burners from high-quality, reputable manufacturers, we have online specialists who are here to assist you with any questions about what to purchase and how to take them for the best results possible.


Cutting Steroid Cycle #1:

This cycle can be used by all levels.  This incorporates a thermogenic fat burner along with anabolic steroids to get cut up. Clenbuterol should be taken in the morning (preferably) to avoid insomnia.  Users may feel jittery and anxious but this is normal.  Winstrol and Anavar tabs should be taken throughout the day.  Cytomel stacked with these compounds will work to maximize the fat burning potential.  The addition of Proviron will also make the results that much more pronounced.  Combined with daily cardio and clean eating, this cutting cycle will shed excess water weight, burn fat and lean out the individual.

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Post Cycle Therapy (PCT):  The Proviron used during the cycle will also serve as a support to the body to aid in the recovery and recharge the body for the next steroid cycle. Take as directed in the cycle.


Fat Burner Steroid Cycle #1:

This is a cycle which uses only thermogenic compounds (not steroids).  Clenbuterol and T3 together will burn fat fast and get rid of unwanted pounds.  Both are taken for three weeks followed by a two week break before starting up again for another three weeks.  Clen and T3 should be taken in the morning to avoid side effects such as insomnia.  These compounds will elevate body temperature and result in excess sweating.  Other side effects include shaky hands and slight anxiety.  Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is optional with this cycle.  Those who choose to run PCT can take Proviron at 25mg per day for weeks six through eight of the cycle.


Lean Mass Steroid Cycle #1:

Cycle for getting hard lean mass gains and toning/shredding up.  Tri-Tren doses should be divided equally (225mg injected on Mondays and Thursdays) throughout the cycle.  Both Winstrol and Anavar tabs should be taken throughout the day and will promote fat loss, as well as help to tighten and tone the physique.  Proviron works two-fold: first and foremost it will maximize the benefits of the other compounds taken and secondly, it will also work as part of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).


Post Cycle Therapy (PCT):  Clomid should be taken as directed for this cycle.  The use of Clomid after the completion of the steroid cycle will aid in the recovery process and help restore the body of its essential nutrients.

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Fat Burning with NO Steroids….. Use this Thermogenic Stimulant Instead!

It is possible to lose fat, drop excess weight and look better without the use of anabolic steroids!  Do you believe me?  You should!  Check out these tips for looking AND feeling better:


  • Create a training routine (moderate weights) to boost metabolism & burn fat
  • Drink half of your body weight (in ounces) of water per day
  • Eat small meals every 3 hours (try not to eat carbs after 7pm)
  • Do cardio on an empty stomach (at least 45-60 minutes per day)
  • Use Clenbuterol (details below)


Option #1

Week Clenbuterol
1 20mcg/day
2 40mcg/day
5 20mcg/day
6 60-80mcg/day
9 40mcg/day
10 20mcg/day



Option #2

This is a 12-week Clen cycle that should only be used by those with more Clen experience.

Week Clenbuterol
1 40mcg/day
2 60mcg/day
3 80mcg/day
4 120mcg/day
5 120mcg/day
6 120mcg/day
7 120mcg/day
8 120mcg/day
9 120mcg/day
10 120mcg/day
11 80mcg/day
12 80mcg/day


**Make sure that you take at least 12 weeks off from using Clenbuterol after running this cycle.  Some side effects that may be experienced with the use of Clen are: insomnia, excessive sweating, rise in body temperature, anxiety and shaky hands (tremors).


Other ways to lose fat


Sculpt and Burn


Are you ready to burn fat and sculpt your muscles into better shape?  We have the perfect circuit that only has four exercises.  Don’t underestimate the power of this routine.  Basically, you’ll be doing three rounds of this with a two minute break in between each round.  Starting with 35 reps and ending with 5 reps, this explosive circuit can be used by beginners and those advanced in training and fitness.  Make sure to stay well-hydrated through the entire routine and have a towel nearby.  Excessive sweating is guaranteed.

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If you have a memo board at home or a tablet, we suggest writing this routine down so that you can clearly see the workout as you go through each exercise!  Here it is:


35        Jumping Jacks

35        Basic Crunches

30        Jumping Jacks

30        Squats

25        Jumping Jacks

25        Push Ups

20        Jumping Jacks

20        Basic Crunches

15        Jumping Jacks

15        Squats

10        Jumping Jacks

10        Push Ups

5          Jumping Jacks

5          Basic Crunches

5          Squats

5          Push Ups



Let’s not forget just how beneficial your anabolic cycle will be when burning fat and toning the entire body.  Don’t neglect your cycle just because life won’t allow you to train at the gym.  Your home workouts can be just as effective.  Just put your mind to it and get it done!


Bodybuilding requires excruciating attention to detail about what you put into your body and how you train.

Tightening up your diet and exercise regimen reigns supreme, but, if you need a little help during a cut, add in a high-quality fat burner.

Stay away from that artificial stuff and protect your muscles with Burn Lab Pro. Good luck with your training!


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