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25 Top Tips How to Build Muscle Mass

25 Top Tips How to Build Muscle Mass

Muscle mass, what exactly is it?  There are three different types of muscles in the human body: Cardiac muscles, smooth muscles and skeletal muscles.  Cardiac muscles are found only in the heart where they line the walls and work to pump blood throughout our bodies.  They are completely involuntary in that we do not consciously control how and when they move. Next we have smooth muscles, also involuntary, that line some of our most vital organs including the stomach, oesophagus and the bronchi of the lungs – as well as the walls of blood vessels.  Their primary purpose is to rhythmically contract in order to control organ function such as moving food through the oesophagus or expanding the lungs when breathing. Finally, we have skeletal muscles.  This is what we are talking about when we refer to muscle mass.  These attach directly to our skeletons and contract to facilitate movement.  Sometimes known as voluntary muscles, we have direct control over them and they shape and grow as we develop muscle mass and tone. Before we get into the top twenty-five ways you can build muscle mass, we feel that it’s equally as important to explain the benefits of adding muscle to your body as well.   Weight Management:  Bigger muscles require more energy and in turn burn more calories. Muscles are essentially the engine room of the fat and calorie burning machine so the bigger and stronger they are, the more efficiently can they do their job.  The harder you work your muscles, the more energy they need to recover and the more calories that are burned. Longer Life: We mean just that.  The more muscle a body has, the longer the life. Decreased Injury Risk:  The larger the muscles around our joints and bones, the less likely we are to injure them. This layer not only protects against breaks and dislocations but as our tendons and cartilage grow stronger with our muscles, we also become less susceptible to sprains and tears. Improved Mood:  Muscle mass is good for an individual’s mental health.  Exercises cause changes in skeletal muscle and in turn that muscle removes from the blood a substance that accumulates during stress.   Gaining muscle mass doesn’t mean you must become a bodybuilder, but by simply being more conscious of your diet and making sure you exercise, you are opening up not just great physical benefits and protections,…

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How Steroids Affect Women and Sex Drive

Women and Sex Drive

This topic is something that is usually swept under the rug.  In fact, you’ll run across people who don’t think these two words should ever be mentioned in the same sentence.  But shouldn’t the decision of a woman using steroids be left up to the woman? Most women don’t want to ask a man for advice when it comes to steroid cycles simply because they don’t want to get bulky or add too much muscle mass.  In addition, it seems like men aren’t willing to give women advice regarding steroid use.  As a result, many women end up staying natural when it comes to lifting because they can’t get an honest, knowledgeable answer about how to use steroids.  That’s where we come in… In this article we are going to talk about steroids and women.  What steroids can women use without “turning into a man?”  How do the dosages and cycle lengths for women differ from men’s?  Are there really women in today’s society who use steroids and will openly admit to it? In today’s society, there is a growing number of women that use steroids and are not afraid to add some muscle, become leaner and even enter competitions.  In fact, women in bodybuilding have been around for many, many years.  Do you really think that all of the women who have competed over the years have done it naturally?  Or do you think that supplementing with steroids has helped transform their physiques into chiseled goddesses? From bikini to figure, physique to bodybuilding and even fitness models that appear on nutrition ads and in magazines, most are supplementing with steroids.  We want to emphasize that in no way are we putting every woman on the spot and insinuating that all women in fitness use steroids.  We are simply trying to make women more comfortable with the use of steroids by providing enough information about these substances, the possible side effects and cycles that could be done.   What Steroids are Popular Among Women? When it comes to what steroids women typically use, there is one that seems to be a given:  Anavar.  This steroid has been known as “the girl steroid” for years.  This does not mean that only women use Anavar.  Men of all fitness levels have cycled and continue to cycle with this steroid simply because it is known to burn fat and is considered mild when…

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Chest Workout: 7 Ways To Build The Top Of The Pectoral Muscles


Accelerate the development of the lagging top of the pectoral muscles with these 7 effective strategies, exercises and techniques! If your workout constantly includes exercises such as bench press, bench press on an inclined or backward inclined bench and wiring with dumbbells – you have the opportunity to fully load the pectoral muscles. However, this does not mean that you will have well-developed chest. If you, first of all, while you are awake and full of energy, perform exercises on the middle chest, then you have much less strength left to train the upper and lower pectoral muscles, which in the end can cause a lag in the development of these parts.   Chest Anatomy: what are the chest muscles? The chest consists of large and small pectoral muscles. The pectoralis major muscle is the largest muscle of the chest, it originates at an extended distance from the clavicle to the sternum, attaching to the humerus. The main function of the muscle is the flexion and adduction of the shoulder, as well as its internal rotation. The pectoralis minor muscle is a small muscle of a triangular shape, located under the pectoralis major, and as a whole duplicates its functions.   How to build your chest muscles Yes, there’s no magic shortcut to take in building bigger muscle chests– it’s only going to happen if you work at it. But before starting a workout program, it is important that you take note of your nutrition. Give your body everything it needs to fuel up. Eat a solid meal that includes a high-protein source such as chicken, eggs, turkey, red meat, or fish; as well as a complex carbohydrate such as rice, potatoes, or oatmeal. Or you may follow a nutrition guide. Another way to build your chest muscles is to do a variety of heavy compounds such as Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Overhead press. These are the fastest way to build overall strength and bulk. Do these often and heavy. Next, is Rest. Muscles grow when they rest, not when you train them. Give your muscles time to recover and repair by resting. It is also important to use proper techniques and include a mix of motions in your chest workout routine to make sure you work all the chest muscles. Finally, set realistic goals and be patient. Again, there’s no magic shortcut to build chest muscles – work at it! Below…

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How Fat Burners Work To Help You Lose Weight

Fat Burner

Fat burners are drugs that can assist with weight loss for those who want to shed excess pounds or who struggle with losing weight easily.  Most fat burners are not steroids but are commonly known as stimulants which act as thermogenic agents to raise body temperature.  This rise in temperature allows the individual to sweat excessively while doing cardio and/or weight training and is responsible for a boost in both metabolism and the amount of calories burned. How Fat Burners can Help Bodybuilders Undoubtedly, everyone wants to buy fat burners to achieve the desired result but these stimulants will not act alone.  In order to get the most out of any stimulant purchased from our online store, proper diet and exercise must be a part of the daily routine.  Not everyone knows what and how to choose fat burners and how to take them effectively.  Not only do we offer fat burners from high-quality, reputable manufacturers, we have online specialists who are here to assist you with any questions about what to purchase and how to take them for the best results possible. Cutting Steroid Cycle #1: This cycle can be used by all levels.  This incorporates a thermogenic fat burner along with anabolic steroids to get cut up. Clenbuterol should be taken in the morning (preferably) to avoid insomnia.  Users may feel jittery and anxious but this is normal.  Winstrol and Anavar tabs should be taken throughout the day.  Cytomel stacked with these compounds will work to maximize the fat burning potential.  The addition of Proviron will also make the results that much more pronounced.  Combined with daily cardio and clean eating, this cutting cycle will shed excess water weight, burn fat and lean out the individual.   Post Cycle Therapy (PCT):  The Proviron used during the cycle will also serve as a support to the body to aid in the recovery and recharge the body for the next steroid cycle. Take as directed in the cycle. _____________________________________________________________________________ Fat Burner Steroid Cycle #1: This is a cycle which uses only thermogenic compounds (not steroids).  Clenbuterol and T3 together will burn fat fast and get rid of unwanted pounds.  Both are taken for three weeks followed by a two week break before starting up again for another three weeks.  Clen and T3 should be taken in the morning to avoid side effects such as insomnia.  These compounds will elevate body…

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