Southampton Health Services

Valerie demonstrates the real world type of results. We are here for your good health! The Southampton Health Services Diet is a nutritious and wholesome plan which was designed by a medical doctor. It has been successfully utilized for over 38 years.A highly trained staff of medical professionals is available on a daily basis to monitor your progress at your once-a-week progress visit and to assist you as you achieve your desired weight loss goals. At the start of the program, a doctor does a physical screening examination, an EKG is performed, you will receive a B-12 shot (to help with energy while on the program) and the program guidelines will be explained to you. Additionally some lab tests will be conducted. This is to be sure that you do not have any health conditions which might make it inadvisable for you to participate in the program without further evaluation and treatment. After the results of your exam and laboratory tests are considered, some medications may be prescribed if deemed necessary and suitable but, — No amphetamines or other harmful drugs are utilized. We use real proven methods and actual guidance motivation and care for your weight loss success.

• Not a Quick-Loss Fad diet 

• Nutritious meals-normal whole foods

• No Calorie Counting 

• No Measuring/Weighing foods 

Weight loss has been a difficult, often dangerous endeavor for millions of Americans. The Southampton Health Services diet program has proven that weight loss can be successfully accomplished, Safely and easilyPlease call our information and scheduling line to get your program started.

The phone line is staffed Mondays 9am – 12, Tuesday – Fridays 9am – 6, Saturdays 10am – 2pm.